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August 2011



D.I.M.D.I – Tiny pink hat

(reworked pink hat, charity shop jacket, dress from singapore, bag from cyprus, vintage heels)

Back in June I mentioned that I had two more weddings coming up this year and the first one was an english country garden one.  I LOVE the idea of dressing up (Oh didn’t you realise?) and so over the past two months I have been going to bed mentally making lists in my head:

  1. What do I have that hasn’t been worn in a while.
  2. What hat/headpiece am I going to wear.
  3. Garden wedding in Kent = floral, comfortable, bright colours
  4. What can I wear that won’t be too tight around my waist and cause me to throw up.

I started my wedding outfit with my dress from Singapore which I don’t know why I don’t wear more often?

It’s really comfy, has a great neckline for me, the length is my length and there’s room to eat loads of free food.  All boxes ticked for me my friends.

Now I already own a hat that I made some years ago that would have gone perfectly with it.  Pink and green colour scheme, cute top hat.  I can’t remember the outfit I orginally wore with the hat but I bought the template and decorated it for a hat party down in Devon.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like it and it’s been to some good parties since but I’ve done my time with her and at my mature age of 29 (:)) I wanted something sleaker, less hen party in Bristol, and not as fussy.

I headed to Berewick street aka haberdashery/material heavan, sourced my supplies and the night before – always like to leave things to the last minute – set about making a hat from…well, another hat.  Below follows a photo montage of my process.  No explaination will be given you simply need to look and learn and if I could I would put a soundtrack over the top of them.  This.

Good tune eh?  Hope you had it on full blast!

Easy peasy my friend and I had loads of comliments on my hat.  Wedding clothes were all things I worked from my wardrobe and the cost of my hat rework (material, ribbon, glue)  was about a tenner.  (Michael) WINNER!!!!!!

Anyone else checking what  ‘oldies’ they own in the back of their wardrobe and wowing everyone with their fabulous outfits? Tell all my Shoelets….

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