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July 2011



D.I.M.D.I – Vest dress

This is one of my favourite D.I.M.D.I’s that I did years ago and is so simple.

Remember when we used to have really short tops?  I don’t mean crop tops but our t-shirts and vests were just short because our trousers were higher?….and I’m not talking high-waisted trews, that’s just the way we wore them.  Before Mariah Carey turned up with the top of her jeans cut off and the dreaded low rise began….Oh they don’t half give me back ache!  Well, a couple of years ago I thought I was a tad too old to be wearing these 90’s short vests (that I had loads of) and so decided to do something with them.

Wherever there’s a town far away I will always go and scour a) their Chazzer Shazzers and 2) their haberdasheries – Both are ridiculously cheap.  When visiting Great Auntie Joan’s up in Cumbria I found ‘Joan’s material shop’ (No relation) near the train station in Carlisle.  It was sadly closing down and so I bought some very well priced material, not really knowing what to do with it at the time but knowing some idea would pop up one day.

Well, that one day popped up about a year after I bought the material and it was super easy.  Not enough material or skill on my part to make a whole dress out of my watermelon print so merely sewed it onto the bottom of my 9o’s vest that was a present from Maman when I was at Uni.  In the 90’s this vest was the in thing let me tell you that! (Actually I think she bought it from Woolworths in Cyprus) I still liked the shape and feel of the material so didn’t want to give up on it.

If you are going to have a go (I highly recommend it) don’t worry if the sewing in the middle isn’t too neat as you can always cover it with a belt beautifully modelled by myself and a colour co-ordinating can.

(self-made dress, gifted belt (from tim), m&s bra, funkis clogs)

I’ve done this a couple of times and once with a  gold pashmina someone gave me! Olive green vest and gold bottom half.  Love it.  This is quite a fitted dress but I didn’t want to put a zip in it so I had to keep it loose enough to fit over my head.  You can always make a much fuller skirt or even add elastic to the middle or for a drop waist if you’re not keen on wearing a belt round your middle.

I love this D.I.M.D.I so much it made me jump up like a total knob and still my dress looked great….YEAH ME!!!!

Anyone else got any similar Did It Themselves Didn’t Ya!’s that they wanna share? Come on, I know you have…Let’s hear them my little Shoelets!

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