Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



D.I.M.D.I with sequins…

Remember my Tree tings a couple of weeks ago when I said I was looking forward to reworking some old pieces I had?

Well the fruits of my labour over the last couple of weeks have paid off and I am super dooper happy with my latest project.  To show you a little example of my fabulous Christmas offer that I have going on {Check it here if you’re not alreay in the know} This is the perfect example of a Sweet Treat….

When in Sydo {my heart belongs to you!!!!!} this time last year I picked up a sequinned skirt suit from Rozelle market for a ridiculosly low price.  I had been on the hunt for a sequinned jacket for a while and wasn’t so bothered about the skirt but the lady wouldn’t sell them seperately so I took them both.

As you can see from the photos I had taken to launch Red Shoes…it’s a mini skirt and it’s not amazingly flattering on my body shape.  It clings to those saddle bags like Cheryl Cole to her career and it ain’t letting go.  To make it my perfect length {just below the knee} I found an old piece of material that I sometimes wear as a belt {last worn here} and started pinning…

Pinned it to the bottom, sat myself in front of Gossip girl one night and got to sewing it to the hem.

Was really chuffed with the results and what with a friends gig coming up at Bloomsbury Bowling lanes this week, a fabulous outfit was in order….

Old Uniform from Hobbs, cream silk skirt – 1 year old

Reworked sequinned skirt – 1 year old

Fornarina classic, suede black heels – 7 years old

Whole new 2011 Christmas treat outfit – FREE but still fabulous!!!

Come let me do the same in your wardrobe…..Contact me here, here or here

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