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June 2011



D.I.M D.I.

What the hell is D.I.M. D.I?! I hear you all cry.

Did It Myself Didn’t I?

Added the Didn’t I as it’s what I always say when someone asks me where certain things are from.

So this is a D.I.M. D.I that has gone on over a period of some time….11 years to be exact!  Above strapless dress started life as a pale pink, blouson, cotton top from Deborah Sweeney, an Australian brand I used to sell in a boutique that I was manager of.  It had very thin, almost like twiglet thin, white straps and was a lovely cool summer top that I wore for years.  The other part of the dress was originally a skirt which was part of Summer 2000.  I was slowly but surely coming out of a very long tomboy phase, I was dating Mr.Wild (actual name!) and this summer that I was graduating was a hot one.  The skirt was bought, along with another, when out shopping with Mr. Wild.  I can honestly say I think that was the last and possibly only time I ever went shopping with a boy!  The skirt was a hit 🙂 and was revived many a summer afterwards.  Over time though I stopped wearing them both for one reason or another and decided they needed a little reworking. 

I can’t abide tan lines on my shoulders – NONE WHATSOEVER! – and so do love a strapless top or dress.  The tiny twiglets were snipped off, elastic was sewn into the top panel of the blouse to keep it up and top and skirt were sewn together….Voila!

Strapless, easy summer dress….Loved it. (Ha!  Look at our jaegermeister on the drinks shelf!)

Over time though the pale pink looked a little tired and a dying session was in order.

Flamingo pink is the name of the dye.

As it was the only the top half of the dress I wanted to dye I had to merely dip it in and leave the rest hanging out, careful not to dunk  it in right to the edge of the skirt as the coloured water seeps up.

Very happy with the results…1 new summer dress from

  • a blouse
  • a skirt
  • a packet of pink flamingo dye.

(vintage sunnies, reworked dress, indian flip flops)

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