Red shoes, No knickers



May 2011




Yes my friends. I D.I.M’ed it ‘Did It myself’ – hence the fabulous world’s strongest man pose.

I’m not one to give up on things just because I don’t wear them anymore.  We’ve established that…haven’t we?  I hope we have because that’s what all this is about.  Rework and rediscover my lovelies…It’s a fabulous feeling.

This t-shirt will never leave me.  It is from the Summer of ’97 and reminds me of teaching, swimming, laughing so hard, eating, travelling, New York yankee’s stadium, 6 in a motel room, 6 in a car, being young and having not a care in the world except what I would do the next day, great, great friends, a shaved head, making something worthwhile, following a dream and kissing a very exciting boy….YEAH! The best thing of all!

When I got given it as a gift it was a size HUGE!  American huge.  I wore it like that for years and then a couple of years ago I decided to take it in and make it tight fitting.  Nice one.  Wore it like that for a while but then it soon sat at the bottom of my chest of drawers sadly looking up at me saying –

‘Please love me again.  I know we can work well together’ 

It was right.  I just needed to rework it.  I needed to wear it a different way and so took out my trusty scissors, which no one, except me, is allowed to use, and started cutting.

I chopped the sleeves off, made it a crop top and now wear my new ’80’s fame work out t’ with anything high-waisted from cropped wool pants (american pants remember!) to pencil skirts.

I don’t know why I look so miserable I really like my new top! Cheer up love!

In fact I liked it so much I have chopped up about 70% of the t-shirts in my wradrobe…that is only 7 t-shirts but still!  They were old, I didn’t wear them anymore and instead of throwing them out I reworked them.  I like that it’s quite a masculine, tough piece of clothing with the sleeves gone and I pair them with smart, summery, girly skirts and normally always heels.  Another look for this summer methinks.

(top: gifted NY yankees t, orla kiely cropped pants. middle: gifted i heart NY t, charity shop pencil skirt. bottom: antoni and alison t, forever 21 belt, gifted skirt, g-shock watch) 

I had to chop the top half of my face off this last photo as I had no make up and it was a very painful sight.

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