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February 2013



Do the bartman

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I have been holding my tongue for such a long time as I feared that what I had to say about the above would make me appear old and past it. Not at all like the young, fun loving hipster I know you all think I am {Jk. I know you know I love a granny chic nightie} However, I can no longer keep silent as I need to know WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Seriously? I’m not judging {unusual for me} or saying it’s wrong {even more unusual for me} I simply need to know what the hell is going on with Bart Simpson?

Yes, I’m late and Jeremy Scott debuted his wares last February but they only came to the streets ~ not that I’ve personally seen them here in Clapham but you get my drift ~ this winter and I just can’t get my head around it. I understand that being of a certain age I won’t Β touch Bart Simpson like my Mother wouldn’t a pair of bell bottoms. They’re associated with our youth and can come across a little Mutton dressed as Bart. I DISTINCTLY remember when ‘Do the Bartman’ came out when I was 12 and I certainly did do the Bartman and knew all the words to his rap. As I did to ‘The fresh prince of Bel Air’ & Vanilla Ice which, BTW, everyone should know. I get it. I was young. The 90’s are back. You can’t go there if you lived through it the first time. I do get that bit.

My problem is with the shelf life of a cartoon character suit. I’m not sure how many times Ms. Delevingne has worn this ensemble {to be fair I have seen two different outfits when she has incorporated the Bartman} but surely once you’ve worn this 3 times people have seen it? When something is this recognisable and obvious will she still be wanting to wear it in a year?

I try and tell my customers that when shopping think about what will blend in with what you already own in your wardrobe. If you’re looking at a jacket will it go with at least a couple of skirts, some pants and just a bra top or 3? Β Invest your cash and get the most out of your clothes. On the other hand, and what with wanting to be individual and unique, Β we should also buy at least one item that is so spectacular it can only be worn once every two years but needs to remain in your wardrobe. Mine is a gold lace dress….actually I made it and it has previously been 2 other style gold lace dresses but it’s staying put and only comes out for wild ‘yes my dress is see-thru and I have no underwear on underneath’ times.

This Jumper alone was Β£354 and I want to know is Cara getting her money’s worth?

Am I being a crochety old fart? Do our parents look at us wearing Mickey Mouse sweats and think the same thing? Why is Mickey, for me, far cooler and much more acceptable than Bart? Does anyone like this Bart Simpson print?

What say you my Shoelets?

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