Red shoes, No knickers



July 2012



Dolly mixture

Having bestowed upon you my desire to steer away from tee’s this summer and head face first into the world of the classic shirt….I’ve done the opposite. Β I’m sorry! But a lass of a certain age is, surely, allowed to change her mind no? Β Yes! Yes she bloody well is….RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

{gifted tee and luella skirt, m&s sunnies and wedges, mine large shopper, crochet bag from a small shop in cyprus}

This summer’s style – so dem pesky magazine’s told us – was supposed to be all about pastels but apart from the odd mint nail here and there I have not seen much dolly mixture dressing going on. Β It wasn’t my favourite style to come forward this year but once I’d embraced it in nail varnish form {see here} and been gifted this skirt I think dressing like a sherbet dip suits me and my faux ginger bonce.

What say you?

Are you a fan of the pastel hue? who would you rather dress like a Belieber than go near a baby pink pashmina? Tell me. Β In fact call me and tell me. Over.

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