Red shoes, No knickers



June 2012



Dress down days

My days off are normally spent in a slightly faded, loose pair of  harem pants, a long sleeve cotton top, a pair of flip flops and no make up.  I know what you’re thinking….’No wonder she’s single.  She’s one step away from buying a onesie

To this I say I don’t care!! I like to feel free when I’m faffing around my house….  Easy, comfy and quick to throw on is what those clothes represent to me.  However, after three days of wearing the same ‘uniform’ and needing to head out of the house to run errands I still wanted something comfy and easy to wear but I also wanted to feel like I wasn’t at University slobbing round my house eating cereal for every meal.

{folk sandals, american apparel joomp, orla kiely floral blouse, gifted and reworked skirt, gifted handbag, m&s sunnies}

I loved wearing this outfit so much.

I didn’t have anything restricting me, it worked well with this ‘oh it’s sunny…No! hang on…No it’s raining…Oh what it’s humid’ weather we’re having and I was able to sit cross legged on the floor – always a must when working from home with shit to do.

What’s your comfy, at home ‘got shit to do’ outfit?

I do not want to hear Kappa tracksuit bottoms from anyone!!!! Do you like a kaftan?  Some boyfriend jeans?  A tiara?  Give me some inspiration for ‘slobbing’

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