Red shoes, No knickers



July 2011



Every cloud…

…seems to have found it’s way to London recently and no one is happy…NO ONE!!!

Come on…let’s try and be positive, let’s see if we can find a silver lining.   I’ve managed to find two postives from this negative we seem to have found ourselves in this July.  One is my hair and the other is my skirt situation.  When the weather is nice and dry I am constantly on le BMX and she is an unforgiving beast.  Hair needs to be down to fit under an extremely unflattering helmet and pencil skirts are a no no.

(charity shop jacket form zimbabwe, found wool mint top, second hand skirt form hk, orla kiely bag, m&s wedges and sunnies)

Lunch with Sister With Massive Laugh and Big Bro for his b’day was an excuse to get that hair piled high and to don a much loved and very flattering pencil skirt.

Although it looks like a gorgeous bright african print on my skirt I did in fact get it in Honkers at the end of last year.  When I asked Mrs. Kwan whether there were any secondhand/vintage stores on the tiny island she inhabits she informed me there were nada.  Apparently the chinese believe that the soul stays on in clothing and possessions after someone has died and so a lot of clothes are burnt with the body. (NOOOOOOO….Think of all those little cotton chinese suits we could be wearing right now!)  After lunch, in Centra,l with my friend Ms. Kwok she pointed me in the direction of The lanes (Li Yuen streets).  While browsing a rail outside one shop a familiar smell met my nostrils.  The ball of the moth….I turned to look in the shop properly…

‘Could it be?’ I said wandering in. ‘What the……I’ve only gone and done it!!! I’ve found the only second hand shop in HK!!!!’ 

Mrs. Kwan came running and after finding cute little bits on the ground floor we ventured upstairs in the shop….Whoooaaaaa!!! YEAH! …We found a camdenesque cave of treasures with no one else shopping there!  3 hours later we staggered out with many a saweeeeet treat under our arm- leather skirts, long sleeved dresses, printed shirts….We were in heavan and all for ridiculous prices.  I couldn’t work out the excahnge rate half the time or actually I don’t think I believed Mr. Kwan when she told me how much things were.  Which leads me to your next quiz my darling Shoelets….

How much did the HK pencil skirt cost when converted back into Great British pounds:

8p, 16p, 24p, £1.59 or £3.98?

Hee Heeee..Love a quiz….Answers for you all tomorrow…Go on!!!….What do you think?

Ps.  Doesn’t that padlock look as if I have a huge nipple ring!?

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