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May 2012



For me, for you, for someone else…

When I was in Zimbabwe {see here} every morning, Bestie From Africa, would come into my room to show me her outfit.  I’d squeal at her fabulous choices of mixing  African prints and edgy accesories.  She was dressing for me and I loved it.

On Thursdays I think a little more carefully about my outfit as I head to work to show Tim what I’ve thought up and to see what she’s come up with – it’s always a sweet treat. An ankle boot here, a playsuit there, high waisted trousers, silken blouses and a never ending array of coats.

Dressing for other people – especially sartorially minded ladies – and rising to the occasion is one of my favourite things to do.  I, of course, always want to feel happy with what I’m wearing for myself but as far as seeing someone’s face light up when you walk into a room….nothing beats it.  Rachel’s organic coconut yoghurt comes close but stays in second.

As I have mentioned before {see here} I have been dressing for this lady ever since I met her many moons ago.

You can not help but get excited about dressing up and having fun with clothes when you’re around Ms. Kass and I think this gorgeous shoot of her and her sassy daughter, Paloma, proves it.  There’s always a story from a far off land {check out her travel blog here} and her home and attire are filled with colour, print, accesories, matching outfits, hats, jewellery….So much to look at and so much to get inspired by.

The next time you go and have a night out with the girls, meet your lover for a date, head off on an adventure or simply take your little one to the park think about what would make your friends squeal with delight….it’s a  great feeling…trust me.

For more ridiculously gorgeous pictures of the fabulous Ms. Kass and Paloma pie head on over here for a gander.

Who are you getting dressed for today?

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