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November 2012



Getting lippy

Big changes are ahead.

In four days time I shall be sadly leaving my pad, where I have been living for the past five years, and shacking up with a bunch of fashion savvy gals down the road.  I’m throwing things out, changing my winter wares, chopping my hair off {not too much but it does feel short} and brightening up my face with a brand spanking new lippy!

In April of this year I was rooting around Tim’s make~up bag looking for something to brighten up my tired face and happened upon her Nars lip pencil. Having not worn lipstick since I was 15 I loved the fact that this pencil could so easily be applied. WELL! Everything changed from the moment I crayonned on my lips.  I’d avoided lipstick for some many years, preferring instead to play up my cheeks for colour, as I thought it made my teeth look wonky and didn’t suit my skin tone but I was now loving this thing we called lipstick! Perhaps the fact that I am now a big old ginger {as opposed to a dark brunetter} and am in the middle of Invisalign treatment ~ Bet you didn’t know that did you! ~ made me start to like the look of lipstick on me.  All summer I wore my birthday treats of the Mexican Rose Nars lip pencil and my GOSH lip pen in a pinky red but as winter came it was too bright and I wanted to head for a classic red.

What with there being so much choice to paint our lips in I reached out to the Twittersphere for help and had some great suggestions: Tom Ford Cherry Lush, MAC Ruby woo, Chanel Rouge Allure in Flamboyante. Another big problem I have with lipstick is that it dries your lips out and doesn’t seem to stay put for long.  Lorna from The ginger peardrop gave some great advice:

“Put balm (Vaseline) on, blot and allow to sink in. Line lips lightly too. Trick is once on don’t lick lips/beware oily food”

With the wonder balm Lucas paw paw under my belt and a dress rehearsal with a{nother} friends lipstick I plumped for Max Factor in Ruby Tuesday….I can’t wait for it’s first outing. Watch this space….

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