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April 2011




I have had a sweaty top lip all day and had a beer at 2pm this afternoon, this can mean only one of two things:

1) I am an alcoholic

2) It’s darn hot outside!

I don’t have enough money, or time come to think of it, to be an alcoholic so you’ve guessed it…it’s number 2.  It is 26 degrees outside and I am wearing shorts and t-shirts with the balcony door open at 9pm at night…Love it.  I know it’s technically still spring but we are experiencing crazy, wild warm weather this April and I don’t hear any one complaining.

This means it is time to put away my winter woolies and break loose my printed sundresses, my african playsuits, my indian cotton skirts and all my other goodies I haven’t seen for 6 months.  If, like me, you dream of owning a walk in wardrobe but in reality own something  suitable for an 8 year old you will only have room for the current seasons clothes and will need to store your unused woolens, cashmeres and kilts away.

I have a step by step guide my friends for putting your precious pieces into hibernation.

I house unused clothes in a gorgeous vintage suitcase on the top of Tiny Wardrobe:

As I open my case I rediscover all my hidden patterend gorgeous treasures….

See the top right?  My black sundress with pink hibiscus that I mentioned here!  I’m also reminded of my latest travels where I wore my little gems in Australia…


(Top: Black dress from a small shop in Cyprus, gifted black necklace (in hair), homemade red necklace with shells, bracelets from around the world.  Middle: White cotton top from Singapore, gifted pink skirt from Thailand, Funkis clogs from Australia, bracelets from around the world. Bottom: Reworked orange hat, Vintage hawaiian print dress from San Francisco, orange plastic bag from a small shop in Ballina, Australia, necklace as before, Vintage sunglasses, red flip flops from Cyprus.)

….and Zimbabwe.

(Top: Vintage sunglasses and pink dress, necklace from remember2morrow. Bottom: Vintage reworked kimono from Japan, beads from around the world, vintage teal belt, Aboriginal dress from a garage in Australia, Indian flip flops.)

However before these beauties can be worn again I need to pack away my winter clothes and there are rules that need to be adhered to to combat the dreaded moth…Bastardos!

1) Firstly decide on what you are going to store your clothes in.  Plastic storage containers can be used although if any bug larvae are in the clothing, they will have a feast. Cardboard boxes are good but only on a temporary basis. One of the best storage containers, and what I use, is my unused suitcase that I thoroughly clean out twice a year.  I give it a hoover!

2) Speaking of bug larvae (I’d rather not but in this instance it’s a necessity I’m afraid) wash or dry clean everything before it’s put away. Dirt left on items can stain and set into your clothes after several months of storage. Cleaning the clothes also means that insects (Bastard Moth!) will be less likely to take up residence in your lush woollens.

3) I’m not a fan of the old moth ball due to it’s smell so, as suggested by my mother, I use old soap or, as provided by bestie’s mother, a lavender bag.  Moths don’t like the strong smells and it means when you unearth your treasures 6 months later they are sweet smelling.

4) Don’t just bung your precious cargo in without care, fold them neatly and if possible (unfortunately not in my case due to lack of space) loosly pack away leaving space for air to circulate.

All done! Try and remember: Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry.

After I’ve packed away my clothes I need to make room for my clogs, wedges and leather sandals to be on display.  Boots need to be packed away too.

1) Clean your boots, there’s nothing worse then getting out dirty boots come October

2) If they’re knee highs stuff them with tissue paper or old magazines (Think how bourgeoius it is to stuff your boots with old copies of Vogue!) so that they keep their shape.

2) I store mine in acid free tissue paper…well, that’s a lie, if I knew what it was or where to buy acid free paper I would…well, I probably still wouldn’t get it but that’s what they all say you should store your pieces in.  Mine is in the tissue paper and the boxes the boots came in and they’re always fine.

And there you have it.  My autumn/winter closet has gone into hibernation and my spring/summer wears are waiting, excitedly to be worn.  Go forth and and do it yourself my darlings…and if like me you decide to do all of this in a pair of shorts and heels I say bravo!

Happy easter everyone and enjoy the sun…

Remember your SPF!  No one likes to look like an old leather handbag when they’re in their late 40’s do they?

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