Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Hide the hair(ry legs)

(reworked denim jacket, mine shrug, gifted vest, gifted skirt from india, office shoes, diesel sunnies)

When the lady shaver was left at Bestie From Africa’s Mum and Dad’s house and Flattie took hers away for the weekend, hairy legs were a problemo and needed to be hidden.  The langer skirt came out.

I do love a long skirt, especially this one as it was a present from the beautiful Ms. Kass posted here, but if you’re not careful they can look a little ’93…Do you know what I mean?  Loved that whole grunge theme, hippy beads, big boots, cotton tops, youth club discos but must remember…Am not 15…Put those boots and beanie hat (borrowed from Bro Dude) down and learn to wear it a ‘slightly maturer’ way.

…Well, when I say mature I mean something that fits my real age and not my mental age. 

Ps.  Just to let you know that a new razor has now been per-chased and I am no longer sanpapering Flattie with my legs everytime I sit next to her on the sofa.

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