Red shoes, No knickers



September 2011



Higher with the Hawaiian

{vintage NYC dress}

I bought this beauty when I was in New York at the beginning of this year. I was attracted to it because of two things

a) The colours and print – totally my colours and I have trouble resisting a floral print as you’ll see here, here and here!

b) My friend Kass – She was on her honeymoon in Hawaii at the time and she must have been on my mind.  I was thinking of her swimming in the sea, with lei’s around her neck and dressing up a storm.  Check her travels here.

I knew that I wanted to take it up when I bought it, it came to just above my ankle, but what with a pleat at the back it sat in my mending pile all summer.  Not wanting to leave it till next summer before her big showcase I took her to Sommerset so that Jude – seamstress, cook, gardeneer, artist extrodinaire – could help me with the hem.  She cut it and then pinned it to the right length for me….

Showed me how to hem it with an invisible stitch….

Eh Voila!  Fab new length for me to wear!

All I needed to do was add some socks and boots….

Wrap myself in my cashmere….

…add a wool scarf and I was ready to go blackberry picking!

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