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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ Dos

Like I said here when on holiday more photos are taken of you than at any other time. {well, unless you’re Lindsey Lohan and then you’re papped all the time.  You’re not Lindsey are you?}  With that in mind your travel wares need to be fabulous, fanciful and frikkin’ great. I say this many many times to my clients

‘YES! Take your best clothes when you go on holiday because clothes are like children ~ they need attention otherwise they start crying’

Its safe to say that in this country our summer clothes get the least amount of  air time ~ Sunny Spain or wherever it is you’re off to – boiling St Barths or crackling with heat Crete – this Holiday Hiatus FINALLY is their air time.  Choose them wisely, pack them carefully, pap them beautifully and love them long timerly.  Don’t choose a favourite though as it can cause jealousy.

A few goodies I’m taking with me….

{flamenco fire red cotton skirt from topshop, embroidered cool indian cotton white vest from little india in singapore}

{tan leather sandals from m&s, barrets strappy black heels, sequinned flip flops from india}

{vintage floral reworked cotton dress ~ see here}

{vintage leather box bag ~ last used here}

{vintage embroidered evening dress}

{gifted spanish style scarf, vintage sunhat}

{may full cotton skirt, gifted tooled leather handbag from burma}

{assortment of flowers for the hair}

When in Spain eh?…..Time to get packing….

To be continued…..

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