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May 2012



Holiday Hiatus ~ Uno

Do you have a Sweet treat coming up?

An event that requires an incredible outfit or even an array of costumery?

A wild and wonderful wedding?  A big birthday with a rocking party attached?  An exciting, adventure filled holiday or a lazy, relaxing break away?

Chances are that on all of these occasions more photos will be taken of you than on your average Saturday afternoon therefore what you’re wearing needs to make you look and feel your very best.

Working with what you already own and by either adding new delights or restyling from your current wardrobe we will find an outfit or a whole suitcase full of goodies that will make you feel stylish, comfortable and above all will make you look fabulous for that sweet treat ahead.

That’s what I’m offering you, My Shoelets,  when you sign up for a Sweet Treat with Red Shoes No knickers.  

These last few days I have been sweet treating myself as I am heading to the South of Spain on Wednesday for some much needed sun and a break away to recharge my batteries and see some family.

Naturally my wardrobe, and what will fit into hand luggage only, is a priority.

When heading off for a Holiday Hiatus the first thing that I think about is ‘where am I going and how can I rise to the occasion?’  With Spain I think of flamenco flair, fanciful fans, flowers  in the hair, full skirts,velvet bolero jackets, gold lame applique, pure white heat, lace bodies and embroidered shawls…

{all images sourced from the t’internet. top photo of the gorgeous jamie beck}

With all these things in mind I head to my wardrobe to see what I can source…

To Be continued….

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