Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



Home sweet home

As much as I love my wardrobe and all she entails I do like going away with a small wheelie case, packing a weeks worth of costumes and simply living off them. No thought is needed as all you have is what you’ve managed to fit into your case.

Having returned from my Thanksgiving break in the US of A y’all I was slightly overwhelmed by all the choices in my closet! With the weather cooler than when I went away I suddenly had to start thinking about putting looks together again – what shoes/boots can I wear all day at work?  Which jumpers go with which skirts?  What skirts are warm and can still be worn on a bike?  Oh my y’all…I tell you I was swamped!

I decided to head for an old favourite that I practically lived in last winter.  I bought this dress/shirt/old school night dress {who knows what it is!} in Sydney this time last year at a gorgeous vintage store owned by my beautiful friends Emma and Katie Price.  {also where I purchased this}

It’s wool, warm, comfortable and if I could I’d wear it tous les jours….I…well, I wouldn’t because that would be a little boring on the eye {Tim’s eye that is!} but it is super easy to wear and made an easy choice for my jet-lagged morning.

{chazzer shazzer coat, gifted scarf,stripey long sleeve and mint bag, vintage wool dress, tabio tights, KG boots}

Everyone got there christmas party outfits ready?

If not you know exactly where to come my darling Shoelets…Head on over here!

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