Red shoes, No knickers



May 2011



Hot dang they’re leather trimmed!


I love a brown leg.

I mean who doesn’t!?  Thing is I hate fake tan…and I very rarely use the H word but oh dear….for starters the smell!  Then there’s the streaks, the unnaturalness of it all, did I mention the smell?…I could go on but I think there’s enough there.

So no fake tan means I need to get the pins out whenever the sun makes an appearance and when I am somewhere hot hot I take a short short so that there is maximum potential for tannage.  These bad boys above where cut down from some odd long shorts I used to own from Gap. I cut them to this length 4 years ago when I was a lot slimmer and now, on my last holiday, I realised that they are pretty darn short and when bending over a full brazillian is in order.

They needed just another centimetre  and so I decided to trim them in some leather I have simply lying around..I mean doesn’t everyone have scraps of leather hanging around the house!?

Very simple to do.  Simply cut your leather (Or any other material that you want to use)  into thin strips so that it will fold round the bottom of the leg, pin the leather on first (I did it whilst watching The social network) then sew carefully and voila!

They’re still a little strippery but when you’re in 28 degree heat – Who cares! 

Rework it baby!  Rework it and own it!

Ps.  The lines on the back of my legs aren’t a freaky disease, they’re simply where I was sat on our wicker kitchen chairs having breakfast! Ooppss…

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