Red shoes, No knickers



September 2011



Hot in the city

As the temperatures rise in the city, my carefully thought out autumnal layers are laid to rest as we welcome our Indian summer. Yippeee..You heard my prayers! (No idea who I’m praying to but it worked so…you know…I win!)

As I have mentioned QUITE A FEW TIMES this week, I’m off to Paris today for Paris Fashion week.  In preparation for hanging out with my lover, I scoured my wardrobe for fabulous outfits to wear and then rearranged them all when I looked at the weather forecast! 27 degrees…You gotta love a bit of global warming sometimes.  But back in Unit K, as the heatwave reached us, I seemed to have a different perspective on things.  I wanted to wear shoes and use bags I hadn’t touched all summer, dresses were old news, seperates were in, my yellows, peaches and hot pinks were too much…..

{ancient next vest, vintage skirt from oz, faith wedges, m&s sunnies, gifted bag}

…and seeing as the weather was saamokin hot I decided to match it with an awesome mani!!

BOOBSSS!!!!! The sun comes out? So do my tits.

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