Red shoes, No knickers



April 2013



I like to lunge


I feel very statuesque in this picture. Like I should be stuck on a plinth in Trafalgur square. Granted I haven’t stood like this all day but I wanted to show you that this is the kind of Β semi~lunging/stancing that happens when I done a pair of culottes.

Remember them from WAYYYYY back? When I was planning to wear them here and then I actually did wear them here? Having had this easy~come~easy~go pair for almost a decade now I love digging them out of my wardrobe and when I wear them I feel comfy, casual and have no problems in cracking out the great queue~lots stance. Try it. Very liberating.


{hobbs cardigan, american apparel tee, forever 21 belt, Β£1 chazzer shazzer culottes, tights, office heels}



{Help! my leg shrunk!}

Should you have or wish to take a photo of yourself performing this infamous Queue~lots stance then please feel free to join Tim over on RSNK’s FB page.Β Would love to see your work.

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