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September 2011




As I was saying yesterday {were you listening? I do hope so!} I have been looking at The Satorialist a lot recently for inspiration.  What with autumn on it’s way but ‘hey, it’s going to be hotter than Hawaii this week’ floating around the ether I am at a  loss with what to wear…Can I still get my toes out?  Do I need a jacket?  Where’s my factor 50?  All these questions are very important along with why is Made in Chelsea so unrealistic and what am I going to have for lunch today?

Sifting through the Satorialist’s beauties I spot this lassy and my mind starts whurring…

{via the satorialist}

{gifted military jacket and necklace, vintage dress from oz, ancient sandals from cyprus}

Like it did here it started with these heels and I can’t seem to get enough of them at the moment.  I love it when you can rediscover an item from the depths of your wardrobe.  I probably wear these about once a year but always know that they’re a good, useful heel.  This is there third outing in the last three weeks!

A small task for you all my darling Shoelets….Get into the deep, dark corners of your wardrobe and pull out something you haven’t worn in ages.  An old favourite that you thought you used to wear too much so shoved to the back of your closet, A summery piece that you have trouble with.  Work it, style it and wear it with pride – I bet you you’ll get tons of compliments….Spend a bit of time on thinking about what you’re going to wear and you’ll get something back from it…I promise.  Let me know how you get on over on our faceshizal page and let’s do lunch together sometime.

See ya…wouldn’t wanna be ya!!

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