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November 2013



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Recently I’ve tried to make my life more streamlined. I’ve tried to clear my room, my wardrobe, my inbox, my make~up bag of STUFF. I just seem to own a lot of STUFF. And clutters of STUFF leads to a cluttered mind and an unproductive lifestyle ~ for me anyway. I’ve been bagging for charity, binning, donating to friends and Ebaying anything I don’t need or use.

I came across my camera, my film camera that is, and just thought to myself ‘I don’t use it, I’m all about the dige these days, let’s EBay!’Β I then checked on EBay to see what the same models were fetching and the resulting search lead to nada ~ A whole lotta old school film camera’s where you can hear the film wind on and not a lot of money going towards them. I decided against paying to list an item and receiving nothing in returning and went for a vow to start using her again. The last time I did take her out was to Australia in 2010. Like we all used to do I came home, handed in my film to be developed and waited. I went old school….We don’t go back there enough.

The always inspirational Jamie Beck posted a series of black and white photos yesterday that had been double exposed but turned out to be a beautiful mistake. It reminded me of receiving my film back on returning from Australia. The pictures were so different to digital. Sharper, clearer, more natural. Of course there’s always a couple of duds but it makes you think more carefully about taking the photo in the first place. Only 36 pictures allowed remember….

I’m on a mission to use my film camera again. Now….mmmmm…..where to get a film….

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