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September 2012



Inspire me

{anna wintour ~ waist in, hemline on the knee}

As I watched The Great British bake off on Tuesday night I text my friend Katsy, appalled at the disasters made of the 12 single sponges contestants were asked to produce.  Two different styles – showcase what you can do was the brief.  Nearly everyone tried to out do themselves, impressive the judges and nearly all of them failed.  I text my short friend and said

‘They should have kept it simple and done it really well’

That my dear Shoelets if your Friday inspiration.  As The Satorialist puts it so beautifully here ~ Youth can wear a different persona everyday until they find one that fits.  Youth can indeed do that.  Mature youth {30’s, 40s +} need to have found what suits them and they need to do it well.  You won’t be boring, I promise you, you’ll find it so much easier to shop, get dressed and spend your day.  Stylist Angie Smith wrote a great little piece for The Browns blog and it echos what I tell my customers {here}

We don’t need lavender, coriander, a peach and chocolate jus or a flower hat….a simple, well presented victoria sponge will do just fine.

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