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May 2013



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I’ve been in my new place for 5 months now and I’m going to be honest with you my Shoelets, it still looks like I’ve just moved in. I mean I’ve unpaked, I have, but whilst unpacking I realised that I have a lot of stuff. I did do some culling but I don’t want to get rid of too much stuff otherwise I’ll have nothing left. No memories or pieces that I love and have collected over the years.

While I was browsing my news feed on FB the other day {Ha! How wanky does that sound?} I stopped at a photo from the blog Oh so lovely. I then lost an hour ~ as we all do in this world of social media. DAMN IT! I wish I was reading more! ~ browsing through all their posts, especially the DIY section {see here} It’s mostly about furniture and entertaining {there’s no making of wedding outfits or leather lined shorts} but I really loved this post on Tips for creating cute displays. At almost 35 I don’t necessarily want a ‘cute’ display because RYGO, when he makes it to Clapham, is not gonna find that shit sexy, but I do like the stacking ideas and the colour coordinating of treasures.

I think I’m gonna do it too my friends. Don’t try and stop me.

tips for creating cute displays


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