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July 2013



Inspire me


{butt flashing my wobbles and bobbles in berlin}

‘Excuse my bad bikini line’ is all I seem to hear myself say these days. And it’s not just me. I don’t know anyone who is happy with that line of fuzz that cradles our knicker line. Whether you’re waxing, shaving, plucking or burning that pubic line away it never seems to look good.

‘What you doing talkin’ ’bout pubes gurl?’

Good question. Well, I’m talking about it because it’s summer time and because this Sunday I am off to Brighton {again!} with a group of girls to celebrateΒ Ms. De Bruyn‘s birthday. We’ll be swimming in the sea, sunbathing and, for most of the time, sitting around in swimwear. The majority of us who are going are complaining about one thing or another ~ Mine is my hairy lady mary of downtown abbey {I’m between waxes and am never sure what you’re supposed to do?! What is the answer people???} ~ others don’t want to get their white body parts out, large bottoms, wobbly bits, bad bikini’s when lying down, bad swimsuits for the boobs, cellulite….The list is endless…and pointless.

Pointless because these things should not matter. I’m not stupid enough to think that they don’tΒ but they shouldn’t and so I’m going to try really hard on Sunday to not care about my bumpy, stubbly bikini line, my cellulite~y legs and my varacoise veins. I shall concentrate on getting to the waters edge without hurting my feet on the pebbles, with swimming in the sea for as long as possible, with finding a way to make Ms De Bruyn cackle with laughter, with making K Dog do the splits for me and with plying Sugartits with cider even though I know she’ll be hungover.

Forget the lumps, bumps, sags, hairy~ness and odd bits of your sweet bodies and concentrate on the laughter, the stories, the fun times and, in this case, the excessive drinking.

Happy weekend y’all.

Please remember to wear sunscreen.

over and out

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