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February 2013



Keeping it real {warm}

Do we all remember my new crush Ms. Miroslava Duma yeah? Pop on over here if not. Well in carrying on the theme of the week, which I’m not actually sure I told you what it was? it’s ‘Warm yet werking it girlfriend’ btw, I found some perfect examples of Mira & some other ladies werking and warming to demonstrate my wise words. Now each outfit that Ms. Duma is wearing is just pure perfection for me but no doubt, very much like me, you do not have her budget of Β£freeclothesgiventomebecauseimsomone.Β Therefore we are merely looking at examples here and shall hence forth go to our own wardrobes and recreate each look with what we already own. Far more satisfying I say.

~ The first five pictures are to do with the {no so} humble hat. NEVER underestimate the power of a hat people. 40 – 45% {just googled it} of body heat is lost through the head and so by simply popping on a fur, fedora, fez hat you’re already a winner ~

~ No hat around? Try a headscarf. Remember when I liked this little beauty all those months ago? Well little did I know it was Ms. Mira my {soon to be} muse. Remember the opposites though. To avoid looking like Babuska Kopkava when wearing a headscarf keep the rest of your outfit sharp, simple & edgy {and/or with a big fur button under your chin} ~

~Next: Cover all surfaces. Yes she’s essentially wearing a short sleeved crop top with no coat but I can not see any skin exposed. Besides her leather slee~gloves and long boots she’s got shit loads of M&s thermals on underneath. Guaranteed ~

~Do it like a brother, do it like a dude…Why should the boys always get all the warmth? Steal a boys identity & make it your own {a little m into fm} ~

~Warm socks and sensible shoes. Yo Mama was always right ~

~ Make a puffa cool. While I’m not the biggest fan of them I do admit that they’re toasty. Instead of wearing with no make~up, white reebok classics and with poobags hanging out of the pockets {you know who you are!!} why not layer, style, stick on a red lip and rock~

~If in doubt pile on a blanket. Best to de~dog hair first ~

~At last but by no means least, do as Grandma Wyn would have done in the war. A chunky woollen poloneck {were they around then?}, a classic wool coat, a hat to protect the hair, a slick of lippy and a sensible boot. If she’d done her bag up properly and everything inside was OCD ordered I might have thought this was me ~

GO forth my Shoelets and shop your wardrobes. Take inspiration from these ladies that I found over here or from my own winter warming wares but whatever you do, stay warm. Blue hues around one’s lips are never a good look.

Ps. …while I, of course, don’t recommend these ladies oufits below {Er..did someone forget their pants?!} I do recommend that your own personal glass of wine on the street is another great winter warmer.

Stay safe and dry sisters {and you stray brother}

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