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November 2012



Kimono over here

While I’m still confirming, experimenting and finding out what I want as my winter look this year I think I’m now a little bit closer.  The last two days at work saw me don an almost 60’s sense of style.  A body con outfit underneath ~ short, fitted dress/jersey tight skirt and slimline accompaniments in black ~ with a loose jacket. I’m not a fan of the 60’s for fashion as I don’t think it suits my body type but that’s perhaps more in the summer when the legs need to be toned and have at least a smattering of colour.  A shade darker than see-through would suffice.  With opaque tights and a longline jacket though I feel really comfortable and love that I can pair all my new ankle boots with them.{one, two, three!}

{gifted vintage kimono, found black wool joomp, american apparel skirt, tights, gifted hudson booties, m&s brolly}

If, like Sister With Massive Laugh, you own a kimono or a sequinned jacket, a silk shawl, a feather embellished coat ~ GET WEARING IT! Don’t save things for best.  Clothes are meant to be worn and loved.  I saved this kimono for only special occasions and those occasions were New Years eve only. NO! We were both missing out and once I took her out and showed her the sights of shopping in down town Harare, sunbathing at the beach in Byron bay and braving the no. 87 bus to the centre of town we were both happy.

Wear your clothes and show them love…Do it.  Now.  Think about something in the back of your wardrobe that is ‘saved’ and wear it this week.


{a little light peer pressure never hurt no one}

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