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June 2013



Lace and Legs

I was in a big dilemma.

A fashion dilemma which never bodes well with me. I like to know where I am and what’s occurin’ when it comes to special occasions. I have been known to plan an outfit up to a year in advanced. I can’t help it. I like to be organised.

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up this weekend. I’m doing a reading. I’m really bloated at the moment. Like REALLY. I had visions of black lace {see here} and had visions of reworking {stitching in a strapless bra to hold it up and taking out the sides to accommodate my expanding derriere} this little lace number I own below.


It’s 20’s inspired, is a nice length but low and behold does it hug and like to show off the bloat belly or what?? I wasn’t happy…I was making do and I didn’t want to be making DO! I wanted to be DO DO DOING in my wedding clobber!

Then I saw this on my beloved Ann Street Studio blog:



A poorly fitted, uncomfortable mediocre~outfit~for~this~occasion would not do. I wanted there to be swathes of gorgeous lace and I needed an injection of sex as opposed to bad digestion.

I went shopping.

I went 60’s…..




{vintage dress from black out}

The bow sleeves are going, much to Tim’s disagreement, and a big high heel is needed due to the large amount of leg that will be on show but I like it. I feel comfortable in it. There’s nothing restricting my waist {a common problem for me at wedding’s. See here} so I am happy to eat, drink and dance the day away…what else are wedding’s for?!

Headgear still to be sorted but I’m on the case… this space

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