Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Lovely darling, but I can see your knickers.

Last week I was very naughty, went to the beloved Rokit on my lunch break and came back with a pair of leather shorts (post here), a beautiful silk blouse and this peach dress. I am suddenly obsessed with the colour peach and am drawn to it like a fly to fresh shit.  Took this beauty off the rail, tried it on and saw that it was completely see-through….Mmmmm…Would Ihave to wear a slip? a petticoat and vest?

Naaaaaaaaa…If  you’ve got it flaunt it and my 50’s style undewear was out there for all the world to see.

(m&s underwear and heels, vintage dress)

I love this kind of dress.  It commands a double take, a look of ‘Is she?…Can I see her knickers?’ and is worthy of naughty giggles from passersby but the style of the dress is still demure and very comfortable to wear.  I know however it’s the kind of dress my mother would hate.  The first thing she’d say would be something like

‘Darling, do you know that your underwear is showing? Your brother’s embarressed and should we pass Geoff from down the road, I fear he may relapse with another minor heartattack.  I don’t want to have to take him to the hospital this time as James Martin is on tonight’

And to that I would reply

‘Yes, Maman, I do know.  But if Ms. Bradshaw can do it….’

‘…then so can Ms. D.’

(vintage velvet jacket, barrets heels (13 years old!))

Slightly squiffy look is due to beaucoup de pinot grigio blush that matched my dress beautifully.

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