Red shoes, No knickers



July 2012



Loving your ladies

Dear Italy,

You may or may not know this but I have had a very large crush on your good self for quite some time.

As with all my crushes, I’m never quite sure exactly when it started and I’ve only been to see you once but that was all I needed.  My preconceived ideas about what food you’d serve, what your countryside looked like and what your men were like were all confirmed and then heightened.  You were awesome….Impressionante!

I decided long ago that whenever my honeymoon would be it would include a month {or two} travelling around your great parts with my young, olympic swimming lover.  We would sniff out your knooks and crannies and get a real feel for who you really are.

Having said that I need to firstly get married and secondly find someone to marry me….who swims.  In the meantime, however, I will have to be content with tales from a far and gorgeous images via The Satorialist.

Your women are literally killing me at the moment!

I’m ashamed to say that I normally favour the edgier dress New York gals or the quirky English birds to your Italian beauties.  Perhaps I feel like they’re a little too grown up for me, a little TOO polished and put together. Well, something inside of me has changed recently and the lasses that catch my eye are yours.

Simple, classy and effortless.

Who doesn’t think they’re the bollocks? or ‘bollocks’ as you like to say {we’re so alike – it’s why we get on so well}

Thank you for providing such fabulous eye candy and for making me search harder for a husband so that I can come and play in you and all you have to offer.

Ringgrazio il mio tesoro

Love always

RSNK xxxx

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