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May 2013



Man repelling shoes


I will not be wearing these shoes to Bobbi’s wedding. I’ve come to that conclusion this weekend.

Why not? I hear you think. Good question my Shoelets. Good freaking question. I’m not sure I am able to explain it. I love men {I’ve been writing about them over here this week} and I like to feel on a level playing field in every aspect when I’m socialising with them. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t wear a dress, I’m definitely going to be wearing a dress to the ceremony, but if I had a choice I would probably don El panto to hang out with them. It’s not that I don’t want to feel feminine around them, on the contrary, I love the differences between men and women, but for some reason I don’t want to be seen as girly. Do you get me?

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up at the beginning of June and it’s a weekend affair. On being told that on the Friday there was clay pigeon shooting for the men and a trip into town for some pampering for the girls I balked and spat out my dummy. I told Bobbi in no uncertain times {read: I demanded} that I would also be coming clay pigeon shooting and ~ having done it before in the Untied states of Awesome ~ once I work out which eye to close I am really good at it. All women are now invited to the clay pigeon shooting thanks to my demands.

As if the pressure of finding a wedding outfit wasn’t bad enough I now have to think about what to wear for shooting. What does one wear for such an occasion? Β Ironically these shoes would be perfect. Their height {I’ll be nearer the pigeons}, great stability and no thin heels sinking into the grass. But these are Man repelling shoes and as much as I love them I know that I am going to be looked at like a fool by most of the men standing around holding fire arms.


Why should it matter? I’m gutted that I’m bothered but I am. I don’t want to be seen as a silly and frivolous and have the fact that I’m going to shoot just as many fake pigeons as they are overlooked because I’m going to totter up in ridiculous shoes. And let’s be honest….these shoes are frikkin’ massive, clowny, clompy and totally ridiculous. I’m not expecting to get laid in them {although that would be highly amusing} but I’d just like to not get judged on my huge shoes.

Am I pre~judging the judges?

Am I being foolish?

Can I wear tweed to go shooting in or is that too much when out of London and somewhere that might not know what an Urban outfitters is?


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