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June 2013



Marant pour H&M

And we’re back here again.

The latest collaboration of top dog designer and high street label was announced last week:

Isabel Marant x H&M

I first heard about Marant about 6 years ago in Italy. I asked a friend where she’d got her t~shirt from and she asked me not to judge her

‘What? Why would I ….Oh… is it from Primarni?’ I asked

‘NO! It’s Isabel Marant.’ She replied ‘Cost me £65’

Say WHAT!?! £65 for a t~shirt. What was it made of? Gold thread? From then on her name locked into my head as a label I would NEVER be able to afford. NEVER. I admired her from a far though and then she bought out the wedge sneaker ~ a personal favourite of  Tim’s ~ and I lost interest. They reminded me of Reebok pumps that I longed for but sadly, at the time, never owned when I was 15. Having said that ~ Were I a customer of Marant today I wouldn’t be too pleased to know that what I worked hard to buy from her label will now be seen traipsing the streets of …well, everywhere. Her clothes are cutting edge and elegant, she has always been a fierce opponent to the high street copying high brand labels so why now is she associating yourself with a brand that has pretty much duplicated her designs, doesn’t have the greatest respect for quality over quantity and means she could very well loose her key customer who doesn’t want to see her clothes on a teenager?

Maybe it’s a case of if you can’t beat ’em join ’em?

What say you?

Will you be queuing in November to get your hands on a Marant x H&M piece?

Or couldn’t you care less what the label is it’s all about the cut and quality?

As always, a great discussion on the subject over here

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