Red shoes, No knickers



December 2011



Miu Miu my love

Dearest Miu Miu Shoe Shoe,

I’m sorry but I’m going to be honest here and say I can’t stop thinking about you.

I hope that’s not too full on seeing as we haven’t known each other for that long but I just have to say that you are truly divine. 

Just look at yourself!!! 

I can’t remember where I first laid eyes on you, I think it was in a magazine somewhere, but it was love at first sight my friend.  True love.  You are pink. You are suede and you are GLITTER!!!!!  YOU FREAKING ROCK!!

Damn you for being so bloody expensive! Prick tease!  I KNOW there are hundreds of rip offs out there but I want the real deal and that is youse.  I’ve seen your other colourways and while they are nice they are, in the words of a bald headed Irish woman, nothing compared to you.

When I went to Paris I even had a manicure in honour of you…that’s how much I love you!

If you were mine I would wear simple, one colour, classy, hyper cool outfits and make you the main focus.  What more does a shoe want!!!

I hope that one day you manage to find it in your glittery heart to find your way to me.  I am waiting.  You know we’d be so great together.  Don’t deny it….you’ll be missing it.  My feet are stunners, admittedly they’re big {mansize, like my hands!} but I have regular pedicures and you’ll love ’em!

Yours faithfully

Red shoes no knickers


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