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October 2012



Just not bag enough

In the middle of a marathon Wardrobe Detox on Sunday my lovely client, Alice, was unhappy to find that each time she splashed out and invested in a designer handbag they seemed to become loved and adored by every woman and her dog and inevitably she started seeing ‘her’ handbag far too often.  In particular she was referring to the Mulberry Bayswater, a bag that is over saturated in our world of bags that it is literally seen on 1 in 3 women’s arms.  I have just made that statistic up but I hope you’ll agree it’s a good one.

She was in a bag crisis #firstworldproblems and I could definitely sympathise.  I’m going through a bag one myself.  I feel like nothing I own is working for my current bag needs #firstworldbagproblems. What I essentially need is a bag big enough to hold all my crap but  what I don’t need is the back pains that come with a such a ‘non exsistent’ bag.

I then thought it might be a wise decision to perhaps invest in a high quality designer bag? Yeah? Grown up and forward thinking I thought.  I then started googling:

I mean WTF is this?

I don’t know whether to laugh or throw it like a frisbee! Karl you tool! This is not helping me and Alice and all the other women out there who are looking for practical, stylish, non branded, good quality bags that don’t weigh a ton BEFORE you’ve but anything in it!!!!! What is this photographers lighting equipment sized bag that could fit at least two small children in it?!? I mean no…just NO!

Of course in an ideal world, one where I win the lottery…twice, I would have the original and most classic of gorgeous handbags the Chanel 2:55 

Only trouble is it’s not big enough to hold my wallet AND my book…and my tupperware full of lunch and my camera and….Uugggghhhhhh. Back to square one.

Any suggestions my Shoelets?

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