Red shoes, No knickers



July 2012



Office chic freak

A smart outfit with a little hint of summit different don’t you tink?

If I worked in an office I would wear this getup and I would hole punch like a demon. I’d add a little sauce to the water cooler gossip.  Sadly for paper that needs to be hole punched I don’t work in an office so I’m not really sure why I was wearing it but I loved it y’all.  I loved it and you could love it too.  Summer dressing for ‘proper’ work can be hard but deconstructing the idea of smart can lead to all sorts of fabulous concoctions.  I’m smart yeah?  and I’m not wearing a suit! Ha! FOOLED THEM!

My reworked ‘Rea’ blouse – silk – is such an awesome colour that it always makes me smile and the fact that it’s now a little frayed on the sleeves adds to it’s awesomeness.  My self designed high-waisted trews are super comfy too so they are easy peasy to wear.  After flaunting them here I threw them in the washing machine with a black dylon dye {salt is now included in the pack! How exciting and fafffree!} to pep them up. Worked a treat.  And lastly the obligatory heel – a wedge works wonders with a bloated sweaty foot.

Office chic – Je n’ai pas le freak! {French…I’m so classy}

{reworked hobbs blouse and wedges, self-designed trews, gifted vintage jacket, m&s sunnies, kimchi bag}

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