Red shoes, No knickers



June 2012



Opposites attract

As Paula Abdooool quite rightly said opposites do in fact attract. Case in point this dress.

Now this dress used to be Bestie From Africa‘s.  I gave her a Wardrobe detox back in 2011, showed her how to wear this beauty and happily went on my way safe in the knowledge that she was getting some use out of this jersey polka dot dress.

Skip forward to April 2012 and this dress has not been worn but has made it’s way into the ‘Not bringing back to the UK with me‘ pile.  Well of course I nabbed it for myself because a dress that gives you great boobs should not be sniffed at.

The thing you have to remember with this dress is that it could look bad.  If you style it wrong you could look like you still live at home at the age of 35  and call your parents Mummy and Daddy. {If you’re Irish this is borderline ok ~ anything else and it’s a no no}

It’s a girly, sweet dress and needs a little juxtaposition in it’s life.

It should not and I repeat NOT be worn with the following items:

1. A summer sandal and a cardigan.

2. A flat ballet pump and a pashmina

3. Flip flops and no bra {unless you have gravity defying boobs}

{reworked gifted dress, bullfrogs cagoule, office leopard print heels, orla kiely bag}

What it can be worn with is:

1. Killer heels

2. Any animal print ~ leopard, zebra, giraffe…

3. An ankle boot

4. A hooded top

5. A masculine jacket/coat

6. Ryan Gosling as your date.

Do you get where I’m coming from, My Shoelets?


When getting dressed each morning think what is the extreme opposite of what I am wearing and see what delights you can come up with.  I have no doubt that you’ll look #amazeballs.

Let me know how you get on….

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