Red shoes, No knickers



May 2013



Peachy treats


As I mentioned here my underwear drawer is in dire need of an injection of sexual summit summit. Every time I open it up I feel like I’m looking into a barrel of second hand knickers in a charity shop.  To describe them as the dregs would be an understatement. NOT ANYMORE! I headed to M&S with my £5 voucher from when I took my pieces in for Schwopping and treated myself to some basics {a pack of massive apple catchers and a pack of thongs. black. cotton. staple. love ’em} as well as this peach sweet dream of a treat.



You know I love anything peach and a matching set with a discount is even better.

‘What’s the point in telling us about a discount that’s past and gone?!?’

I know! Seems stupid doesn’t it? Almost as if I’m rubbing your noses in it?

I’M NOT!!!! I would never do that my Shoelets….there’s still a chance to get some mullar off your new undies.

Head to any M&S & pick up one of their little brochures like below. On the back is the chance to get £5 off when you spend £30 or more on underwear…YEAHHHHHH!!!! Back in the game!


Offer last until Wednesday 22nd May so hurry on down.

I’m getting my second lot of lingerie with this discount too.

Winner, winner my new underwear makes me look like a sinner! YEAH!

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