Red shoes, No knickers



September 2012



Pencil thin

A big fear for women, when I start riffling through their closets for a Wardrobe Detox, is that I’m going to start turfing everything out. Bagging and binning all their favourite pieces of clothing.  The word detox doesn’t mean I’m going to throw out everything that is old, looks tired or doesn’t fit because at the end of the day it is your wardrobe and I am simply there to guide you and show you what suits your body and looks good.  If you want to keep something for it’s sentimental value or you know that one day you’ll get back into it then of course it needs to stay put.

This skirt is a perfect example of just that.  What with it being part of a suit {you know how I love a skirt suit} I was never keen to let it go even though le deri-ass hadn’t been able to fit into it for sometime.  I knew one day those cyclist thighs of mine would slim down and it would be easier to wear, then move, then sit down in.  Well that day came my Shoelets.  After a week of swimming everyday I am very happy to be back in  my sunshine yellow pencil skirt and am very glad it isn’t gracing the window of my local ‘Save the children’

{vintage leather gillet, hobbs cardigan, crochet vest from greece, american apparel lace body, orla kiely pencil skirt, russell and bromley oxfords, m&s sunnies, uroco kimono bag}

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