Red shoes, No knickers



February 2013



Princess Andrea

I feel like I look like a small woodland creature caught unawares in the foliage of it’s habitat in this photo.

And I think this one shows me to be the true knobhead that I so lovingly and happily am.

{found liberty’s scarf, vintage coat & trews, m&s socks, kurt geiger heels, lulu guiness bag}

Ok. Here we go:

So, I saw Mira do it here and I thought, YES! I am going to do that. New Flattie was off work ill {read: so hanging that when she had to call in sick the glare of her iphone made her throw up} and when I trotted into the living in the above get up I was faced with a barrage of guffawing followed by a pushing out of the way while she ran to the loo.

‘But I REALLY want to wear it’ I thought to myself as I looked at my face squashed into my scarf like a biscuit being pushed back into it’s packet. Fashion is supposed to be fun and if we can’t laugh at ourselves then, besides Micky Flanagan, who can we laugh at eh? Well me, my dear Shoelets, me. I am here to be laughed at. With strength and a giggle in my step I headed out of my front door and went to work resembling somebody who looked like they owned acres of land. I was LOVING THIS SHIT! Firstly, wearing a headscarf Β keeps my ears warm and my ears stick out so when it’s cold they hurt. Secondly, once you’re out of the house and away from a mirror you kind of forget that you look borderline cray and you just get on with it.

While I personally thought I was channeling a Grey Gardens style I received an email later in the week from New Flattie entitled ‘Princess Andrea?’ with the following picture attached:

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