Red shoes, No knickers



April 2012



Printing in the rain

As I looked out of the window last week and couldn’t see due to the rain being hurled in my face I heaved a sigh and wondered to myself

‘Will I ever meet Michael Fassbender?’

I then thought

‘What the fuck is going on with April?? SERIOUSLY! I’m not amused!’

Oh Lordy! I am losing my holiday calmness, as well as my tan, at a rate of knots here and my flatmate has just told me that this pissing weather is carrying on well into next month.  There’s nothing I can do to change it though {the farmers need it!!} so I turned away from that window, picked up my bagel, dropped what was on my bagel onto the floor, picked up what had been on my bagel, ate it and caught up on blog reading that I missed when I’d been away.

HALLELUJAH! Now, you know I like to get inspired by people {see here and here} and so when I came across Susie Bubble rocking some serious prints, EVEN in this stinking gale we’ve found oursleves in, I knew I had to follow suit.

 {grandma wyn’s burberry trench, cardi from a shop in oz, bretton top from south of france, vintage dress, brogues and bag, m&s stripy socks, diesal sunnies}

Print and pattern is going to be everywhere this spring/summer, EVERYWHERE! {Look, I tweeted it to you all here!} They’re going to be inviting themselves round for tea, hanging out, making you feel good about yourselves and you are not gonna wanna say no to them.  Believe me!

Don’t get overwhelmed by them, learn to love them and learn to mix them.

The rules are here and I say simply DO IT!!

PS. No pants but still no tights.  In this game I’m playing against myself I’m still winning.  I told myself so…you know…It’s true dat.

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