Red shoes, No knickers



February 2013



Red, orange, yellow….



I know, I know! The first picture looks better right? Looks like there’s some structure and semblance to my clothes? And it’s way prettier? I get it.

Don’t be fooled my Shoelets, like I managed to fool myself, with the lure of the rainbow.Β When I moved to my new padΒ  just before Christmas I was so excited to have my enormous rail {I went for a 7 footer…Oh ‘allo!} where I could showcase all my clothes on that I went against what my head was telling me and was lead ~ madly ~ by my heart. Yes. I colour co~ordinated my entire wardrobe. Altogether. Everything got bunged into my Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain colour system and I thought I was happy. PAH! I misled myself and wondered for the first two months of the year why I was struggling to get dressed?!

It can’t be done. Things get lost, you can’t make executive decisions {isn’t all clothes dressing an executive decision?} and I can imagine that ~ like me ~ when you think about getting dressed in the mornings your first thought is ‘Mmmm I think I’ll wear a skirt and shirt today’ not ‘I want to wear pink’*

I had to revert back to my old tried and tested ways and those wise, worldly ways are what I do within a Wardrobe Detox ~ Why was I not listening to myself?

First comes shirts and jackets as it’s logical. We’re going top to bottom see? So that means next comes skirts then dresses.

For a lot of people I Detox they have a separate work wardrobe that consists of suits & smarter clothes that they like to keep altogether. My ‘work’ section, at the end of my rail, is my suits…You know how I do love a suit!

Next stop is here.

If you want me to come and help you sort yours, you know where I am…

This is my recommended method of how to hang your clothes but would love to hear if you do it differently?Β 

* Only on one day do I have to colour dress in either pink or red or both and that is, of course, Vage day.

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