Red shoes, No knickers



January 2012



Rise to the occasion: Cold snap deux!

I love January!

There! I’ve said it!  I’m sorry but I do!  There’s no pressure to go out, you can look out the window at the cold weather and be safe and warm inside and you don’t have to shave your legs.

To keep that snuggly warm feeling I have indoors I love wearing my ‘comfort’ clothes outside.  Step up to the plate Great Auntie Eileen’s green cardi.  Oh J’adore….

{auntie eileen’s cardi, american apparel t, gifted stripey long sleeve, ginka skirt, m&s tights cut into stockings, vintage boots}

She’s what I throw in as soon as I set foot in the house and decided the world was reading to experience her colour, her comfort and her full gorgeousness.  She does need a little D.I.M.D.I salvation on the elbows but you know I love a little reworking.  I’m thinking a leather patch or two!

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