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July 2012



Rise to the occasion: Decked in Marks

While this photo does indeed look like I am wiping some dog shit off my foot,  I am in fact getting ready to go to the theatre.  I know it’s deceiving and I apologise but at the same time as showcasing you my outfit I wanted to show you the excellence of Le shoe I am wiping on the curb.

If you’re new to RSNK {welcome} then you might not know this but if you’re a hardcore stalwart of the Red shoes news page you will have probably guessed that these shoes are from M&S.  That’s right.  Marks and Spencer.  The department store where elasticated jeans – size 36 , a Mexican bean wrap and a coconut body lotion can all be bought in one sitting.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it my Shoelets!  It may have the ‘mum’ tag but it’s got some right old hidden treasures and I’m not just talking about chocolate covered brazil nuts!   It’s affordable, logoless, classic and attempting to make as little environmental impact as they – a massive retail outlet – can.  I would highly recommend it for underwear, footwear {see here, here, here and here} sunglasses {see here, here, here and here} jackets {bought for this occasion} and cashmere {see here and here}

{m&s jacket and heels, gifted grey vest and sequinned belt, reworked pink vest, may custom made skirt, crochet bag from cyprus}

As Anna Chacellor said to Tim and I, as we were in her dressing room, {Oh you better believe I just name dropped!!}

‘Going to a the theatre is a treat and it’s respectful to the actors if you dress up’.

I replied

‘Anna, you old broad! I’ve been saying that for years!  Why don’t you check out this and see what I’m sayin!’

Sister With Massive Laugh and I showed big respect and love to Ms. Walters at the National.  Queen Julie was on top form.

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