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October 2013



What are you saying?


On Friday I had a very interesting conversation with a male customer about the clothes we choose to wear and how they represent us. It got me thinking about a piece I had written recently about Miley Cyrus and her considerable lack of clothes {see HERE} and asked myself the question:

What do your clothes say about you?

We are a race that doesn’t walk around naked and so what we wear is a reflection of who we are or who we want to be. Obviously when you get to know somebody better you might realise that that isn’t always the case but on the surface and with the small amount of interaction we have with certain people on a daily basis it is. I work part time in a jewellery shop and when customers are coming in to buy £1000 rings then I like to portray an image of someone who respects that and knows what they’re talking about. The customer doesn’t know me but I can imagine would feel better handing over their hard earned cash to someone who looks smart and presentable as opposed to someone who looks like they’ve just thrown on what’s nearby and hasn’t washed their clothes in a while. Going to work, Job interviews, Meeting in~laws, Birthday parties, Heading off on a date ~ everyday situations need us to think about what we’re wearing and what we’re saying about ourselves.

Rhianna’s new video for her latest single came out this week and between her and Miley I think they could probably just about stitch an outfit together. A small outfit. What is this saying about them and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, as people in the public eye, what is this saying to their fans and the young girls who look up to them?

You KNOW I love to flash a bit of flesh in the summer ~ Skin on show is often  infectious and can be sexy and liberating. Ass out, tits out, legs out and beaver out ain’t so sexy. Am I being prudish? Have I reached an age where I need to cover up more? NO. I don’t think so, I just think that we need to choose our exposure of skin and our lack of clothing wisely. Think about who we’re affecting  when we dress provocatively and what we’re saying about ourselves. Unfortunately what I believe RiRi and Miley are saying about themselves is nothing positive. If you want to have your art taken seriously then dress to impress and highlight your work ~ don’t take all your clothes off so that’s all we end up talking about. Like wise ~ If you want a promotion/new job/lover/mortgage start dressing like you already own those things. Rise to the occasion, dress to impress with the emphasis heavily on the dress part instead of undress.

I believe you should respect your body, protect it from being taken for granted,look after it and clothe it in a way that reflects who you are and what you want to say about yourself. I hope that what you want to say will be the same as what I try and say which is ~

I am an independent, strong woman who has a brain, a personality, rights and choices.

I am woman. Hear me ROAR….

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