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January 2012



Second skin

Back in March of last year {hey! We’re in 2012!} I headed off to NYC with Le famille to support Sister With Massive Laugh who was performing on Broadway.  NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world for me and the shopping out there is a huge part of it.  I have been lucky enough to go quite a few times and I have my favourite shopping areas that I always return to time and time again.  One thing I had never fully discovered though was the flea markets which apparently are #amazeballs!  All my guides kept saying that I should check out the Chelsea Flea market and it was put firmly at the top of my list.

The day before I was planning to visit Chelsea I headed down to the Meatpacking district and took in all it’s fabulousness.  {highly recommend going on the Highline and having a nibble at Pastis} I found myself in an enormous Anthropologie, browsing books, and picked up one about all the flea markets in NYC.  I headed for the Chelsea Flea Market page and found…..

…Hells Kitchen Flea Market {formerly known as Chelsea flea market} now resides at

West 39th street between 9th and 10th ave….

 I couldn’t believe my luck!  I was staying in a hotel on West 39th Street between 8th and 9th avenue!!  On the Saturday morning I looked out my window and saw them all setting up their stalls!  LOVING IT!!! I went on both days of the weekend and it was indeed #amazeballs.  I was like a fat kid at Willy Wonkas.  I was determined to buy summer clothing {It was the midddle of March} but I kept being drawn to the vintage furs of which there were MANY!

 {vintage fur from nyc, great auntie joan’s reworked dress from the 70’s, tabio lace and oj tights, belstaff boots, orla kiely bag}

I decided to go with my urges and deliberated for a long time.  I bought this little beauty {here} and then haggled and pur-chased, for a ridiculously cheap price, this black, rabbit fur coat.  Having wanted a real fur for a while I don’t know why I waited so long as it is the warmest coat I have ever owned.  You don’t have to wear many layers undermeath {or any if you’re that way inclined! Waheeeyyyy!!} and it feels chic and classic.

I’d recommend to anyone to invest in one – MAKE SURE IT’S OLD!!! – and look after it.  You’ll have it forever and will be as snug as a bug in a rug….Expect to see more of her…She’s called The gorilla and I might have to book a trip to Russia just to prove her worth!!

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