Red shoes, No knickers



July 2011



See ya!!!

I don’t usually just lay my possesions out on the table in the living room and photograph them.  What I’m trying to demonstrate to you is that I’m going on my hols!  Get it?…..My passport, sunnies, suntan lotion!  Yippeeee….

I shall be leaving this island that I inhabit for the Sud de France and will be parleing beaucoup de French, eating le Sean Cheeseman and hopefully swimming in the sea!!

It’s all about the mismatched bikini’s and the one piece this year…as well as those short shorts…Remember my D.I.M.D.I here?

Don’t for one second think that I am leaving you in the lurch though my darling Shoelets…Far from it!  Firstly I’d never hear the last of it from Tim and secondly becasue I just wouldn’t!!  I couldn’t…Not since we’ve become such firm friends!  I have timed all my daily musings for next week and so you will have a pleathora of posts to read and keep you company until I return and shower you all with thrifty, fashionable love again.  Until I am back in your ears and eyes again….Au revoir my sweet friends….Think of me in the sun and swimming in the sea and sleeping in the afternoon and….

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