Red shoes, No knickers



June 2013



Sensible shoes


As I fill my Mother in on my plans for the next week ~ Berlin, Vienna, Paris ~ her parting words are

‘And I hope you’ve packed sensible shoes’

I desperately want to revert into a teenager telling her very loudly thatΒ 

‘I am quite capable of making my own shoe decisions, thank you very much, and should I choose to take ‘silly’ shoes to Europe then I will do just that! ‘

BUT…..I know she is right. Of course she is! These are the words that impart to all of my customers ~ Comfort is key ~ If I’m going to be hopping on and off trains with a wheelie case, traipsing round beautiful cities all day and expecting my feet to accompany me I need to house these plates of meat in the shoe equivalent of Lucozade. I found these flat, hardcore, rubber soled beauties in the sale at Topshop and am very excited about them being my travel companians across the continent.



I also bought these navy geek chic ‘school girl’ flatties but that’s another story for another day….


WEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I’m off My Shoelets. Not for long mind. I shall return to the shores of this tiny island of bad weather and great humour next Wednesday. My packing was exceptional so will return with tales of fun tailored times in Europe.

Auf wiedersahn and Au Revoir…parting is such sweet sorrow. I’m off for a Schnitzel.

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