Red shoes, No knickers



September 2011



She wore a flower in her hair

I totally believe in the power of dressing up.

I’m not talking 80’s power dressing like Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl (alhtough I do LOVE that film!) I’m talking about looking good and feeling good.

Sometimes life can be tough…The weather’s crap, we don’t get the payrise we wanted, the boys we like turn out to be too good to be true eg not true at all and sometimes ‘the L word’ aka soft lesbian porn for heterosexual women, suddenly stops turning up at 10pm every night on Skylivingloves. 

These days can be hard.  I’m with ya. 

I hear ya sisters (and a few stray brothers if you’re out there)  So, in my expert advice*, what I suggest at times like these is to open your wardrobes, blow away those cobwebs, rummage in those draws and find that piece of clothing that you know makes you happy and that makes your friends smile….

…then stick a flower in your hair.

(vintage dress from sydney, my mother’s belt form stanley market in HK, reworked denim jacket, orla kiely bag, vintage sunnies, m&s wedges)

It works my darling Shoelets…It really does.  This outfit made Tim smile everytime she looked at the pink flowers adoring my body and my hair.  Also, the magnificence of the bun impressed her so much, she bought me a glass of wine…so….you know….(Michael) Winners all round!

Now…Business…Who hasn’t done yesterdays quiz shown here!  If not, why not…Come on! Go!!  Now…Go do quiz….

*Expert according to myself…and Tim, although I make her say it.

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