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March 2013



Snow Nix holiday ~ Research


Oh I am chuffed!

Last time I went on a skiing holiday it was on Katsy’s honeymoon in France ~ no joke ~ in January 2010. I hadn’t been for 4 years prior to that and the ‘equipment’ I took to ski in was a mismatch of old, new, borrowed, shit. Having skied all my childhood I hit University and the resort trips to white playgrounds became few & far between. It’s darn expensive to go and throw yourself down a mountain for a week but when an opportunity arises like free accomadation/rental hire/snowboarding classes I grab that opportunity with both man hands and try to match my mani/pedi.

My NYE 2010 honeymoon gatecrashing holiday saw me pack all the wrong things for extreme temperatures and dangerous sports so when I returned with thrush & frostbite I immediately wrote a list of clothes and apparel I should take the nextΒ time I would head to the slopes. Fast forward to February 2013 and boy was I chuffed that I am an anal list making ocdc {ref. Girls} freakoid.

Just look at my list! Isn’t it precise?

I had forgotten most of these essentials and so was very glad I had bothered to write down how many of some items I needed, brands that I had discovered post holiday and especially my top right hand corner section which is what to wear in the evenings. After a day on the slopes you often end up bruised, battered, twisted and in my case ~ after trying snowboarding {or no boarding as it will be forever be known to me from now on} ~ with half body paralysis ~ trying to squeeze into skinny jeans and a fitted tee is a big fat no snow.

My advice? Come on you know you want it.

After each trip, weekend away, holiday in the sun/on the slopes/trekking through a jungle/camping in the Cotswolds write a few notes and make a little list of things you took that were useful, things you wish you’d packed, things to get for next time. It’ll make your planning for the next adventure all the more easy.

To be continued….

Check out my last process of packing for a Holiday Hiatus in Spain….a little transportation to sunny times is never a bad thing in this never ending winter.

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