Red shoes, No knickers



September 2013



So long….Farewell


I’m culling.

Having moved two new flatmates into my place Β this past week {therefore moving two out} things have been up in the air and, as if carried on the wind, the changes they are acoming. Due to this turn around of flatties I have taken it upon myself to have a deep clean of my own stuff, a move around and a chuck out. That’s what comes with the shifting of seasons but also I think the presence of Fashion week hasΒ spurred on this need to cleanse too. I’m looking at my wardrobe and my accessories thinking ‘BOOOORREEEE~RINNNGGG’ and that can only mean one thing ~ some things have to go.

I’m actually sad to see all these shoes go but I had to be ruthless. I HAD TO!

It’s what I say to my clients when I root around in their closets and start getting personal:

‘Do you still wear it/them?’

‘When did you last wear it/them?’

‘This look shabby as held!’l gurl ~ get rid’

My zebra mules ~ which you might remember from HERE ~ had to go due to the fact that they were so old and falling apart that I was actually keeping them together on the inside with plasters! Not a classy look when you remove said shoe at, say, a rooftop cinema.

It was a very tough decision to bin my red flats {last seen HERE} as they have been a constant, classic staple for many a year now but, they too, have seen better days & basically made me look like a scruffy student when I turned up in them. Not a good look in your 30’s….well, late 20’s πŸ˜‰

My maroon wedges from m&s were just not worn enough and I feel like I’ve grown away from a wedge {THESE badboys will never leave me though} so the same goes for the Hobbs one’s too. You’re getting rid of a shoe with a leopard print cow hide on the side??????? Yeah I know but whenever I looked down all I saw was a round toe, black, suede pump ~ Ebay time.

It’s hard to let go of pieces that often have sentimental value or you know you can wear well with certain piecesΒ but don’t really know why you don’t wear them more often.Β We all need to move on and I promise you that something just as fabulous, if not even better, will come along and fill it’s place sooner or later. No shoe is irreplaceable. Trust me.

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